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How it Works

Selling your home can be a huge undertaking. Whatever the situation, we're here to help and will make the process super simple for you with a few easy steps. We keep all information confidential and secure.

1. Submit Your Info

Tell us about your property. Call us or fill out our EASY obligation-free quote form.

2. Assessment

If it meets our purchasing criteria, we will contact you to schedule a viewing and make an offer.

3. Like the Offer?

We will present you with a fair, no obligation offer. You may accept or reject the offer presented to you.

4. Get Paid

We close at a local reputable title company. You have the cash in hand that you need, and your home is sold!

Who We Are

We are trustworthy local investors who offer property solutions to homeowners in all kinds of situations. If you have a problem with your property, we want to assist you in finding a solution. It does not matter if you are trying to avoid foreclosure, behind on payments, inherited a house, facing a divorce, downsizing, relocating or have tax liens. We can help you!

We operate with integrity and we are ready to give you a fair all cash offer. If you need information about how you can potentially keep your home, we are ready to offer you valuable information that could lead to a different solution. We will share advice and knowledge about the property market. Again, our goal is to find a way to help you solve your property problem.

Why Choose Us

Selling property can be stressful, especially if finances are stretched and you are on a tight timeline.

Limited control with an Agent

  • Agent
  • Viewings
  • Market Conditions

We do it Quick:

  • For an Offer
  • For Counter Offer Acceptance
  • Repairs List
  • Waiting for a Lender to Close

There are Costs:

  • Solicitors Fees
  • Agent Fees
    EPC Fee
  • Council Taxes (while waiting)
  • Mortgage Payments (while waiting)

And after all that, the deal could completely fall through. One in three property purchases in the UK don’t make it to close. And then you have to start the process over again.

You are ONE conversation away from having a firm, no obligation offer, in your hands.

How We Compare

Most people typically sell through estate agents, which can take a long time and with no guarantee of a sale.

Reach Devon

Average sale time
3 Weeks

Typical Estate Agent

Average sale time
6 months

Because the process takes longer, there can be lots of additional costs, which can take away the benefit of the additional price you might be able to achieve on the open market compared to selling your property quickly to us.

Reach Devon Make Selling Your Property Super Easy

We Work With You

  • We work to find a solution for you
  • Negative Equity? We want to talk to you
  • We work with your lender as well

100% Free

  • No commissions
  • No legal fees
  • No hidden charges

Hassle Free

  • No viewings
  • No “For Sale Signs”
  • No repair requests

Super Fast

  • 24 hours = Offer for Your Property
  • Close quickly or on your time frame


  • Born here, raised here, and raising our families here
  • We care about what happens in our neighbourhoods

Why Our Clients Come to Us

There are many reasons why our clients come to us for help selling their property, below are some of the common situations we have helped with. If you think we can help you, enter your details below and a member of our Property Sales Team will contact you to discuss the quick-sale options available to you.

You might find yourself in a position where you just need to sell fast. Within 24 hours of contacting us, we can have you a firm cash offer for your property. We will even work with your lender, discreetly letting them know that there is an offer on the table and will be resolved asap.

You have put hard work into your property, but an opportunity has come along that you need cash for. Whether it is to fund retirement, help a loved one, or take advantage of a business opportunity we can help you release the equity in your property quickly.

Taking that promotion abroad? Found the love of your life across the pond? Off for adventures unknown? Let us help you get the cash you need to finance your new endeavor. All done with no fees, quick as a flash, and with your timeframe in mind.

You are feeling the crunch and no one has made an offer on your property. The stress on you and your family is starting to affect your job performance and your mental health. Once you accept our offer, we work with your lender to make sure they know they will get paid. This gives you the opportunity to take a breath, take a break, and get back on your feet.

You have made an offer on your family’s dream home. The garden is perfect, the schools are excellent, the location couldn’t be more ideal…and your property sale just fell through. This happens to 1 in 3 home sales in the UK. You can start the process all over again and possibly lose your dream home. Or you can contact us and we can help you get to your next home purchase.

You are so looking forward to retirement and moving to a smaller home. You are not looking forward to the selling process. Let us help you by offering an alternative to the long and drawn out traditional property approach. We get you cash so that you can go chase your retirement dreams.

Your two floor home was perfect when you purchased it ten years ago, but now the stairs are giving you trouble, there is no downstairs wc and keeping up with the cleaning is not something that your health is allowing you to accomplish anymore. Let’s get you the cash you need to make a new start in a home more suited to your current needs. 

It was meant to be a blessing but it has become a curse in disguise. Either the taxes are untenable or there are extensive repairs needed before anyone will buy it. We are not picky about the condition of the property we assess and we make no judgements at all. Invite us to take a look and we will be happy to make you a formal offer in 24 hours.

All of this sound good to you?

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